Monday, April 27, 2009

PE Activity Logs

Our VLA PE author has come up with a great way to keep PE units organized until students send their activity logs in. Here's what she recommends.

Grade the units except for the last question (the activity log question).

  • Click Save & Calculate the grade.

  • Override the grade, making the grade zero.

  • Note in the comment box that the grade will be changed when the student's activity log is received.

  • Once the activity log is received, click the student's name. Open the unit.

  • Mark the last question (activity log question) correct.

  • Click Save & Calculate the grade.

  • The student's correct percentage grade should now appear.

So far our PE author has found this system to work very well. Her students want the zero grades removed and are very motivated to send in their activity logs! Thanks for the great idea, Peggy!

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Patty said...

I use that method as well. Really works well with the students. Then they know your expectations and realize they can't 'skate' through without doing the physical activity. Has anyone had a student who turned in all 18 lessons in two days time? I have and had to send them back for him to redo until he turns in the activity logs. What other methods would anyone suggest?